Difference between octagonal and ordinary traffic signal poles

Traffic signal poles are an essential part of road infrastructure, guiding and controlling the flow of traffic to ensure safety and efficiency. Among the various types of traffic signal poles, the octagonal traffic signal pole stands out for its unique design and functionality. In this article, we will explore the differences between the octagonal traffic signal pole and the ordinary traffic signal pole, shedding light on their respective features, advantages, and applications.

Difference between octagonal and ordinary traffic signal poles

The octagonal traffic signal pole is characterized by its eight-sided shape, which sets it apart from the traditional round or cylindrical design of ordinary traffic signal poles. This distinctive shape offers several advantages in terms of structural integrity and visibility. The octagonal design provides increased strength and stability, making it more resistant to wind loads and other environmental factors. Additionally, the flat surfaces of the octagonal pole offer better visibility for traffic signals and signage, enhancing their effectiveness in guiding motorists and pedestrians.

Octagonal traffic signal poles have eight edges in their cross-section and is widely used for installing outdoor cameras and fixing signal lights and traffic signs.

1. Processing material: The pole steel material is made of high-quality internationally labeled low-silicon, low-carbon, and high-strength Q235. The dimensions and specifications can be processed according to user requirements, and equipment brackets are reserved. The thickness of the bottom flange is ≥14mm, which has strong wind resistance, high strength, and large load-bearing capacity.

2. Design structure: The dimensions of the basic structure of the pole structure are calculated, and the exterior shape determined by the customer and the structural parameters of the manufacturer are used for earthquake resistance level 5 and wind resistance level 8 fortification.

3. Welding process: electric welding, the welding seam is smooth and there is no missing welding.

4. Surface treatment: galvanized and spray-coated. Using degreasing, phosphating, and hot-dip galvanizing processes, the service life is more than 10 years. The surface is smooth and consistent, the color is uniform, and there is no wear and tear.

5. Three-dimensional appearance: The entire monitoring pole adopts a one-time bending process. The shape and size meet the user’s requirements. The diameter selection is reasonable.

6. Verticality inspection: After the pole is upright, the verticality inspection shall be carried out, and the deviation shall not exceed 0.5%.

Our octagonal traffic signal pole product features:

1. Beautiful, simple, and harmonious appearance;

2. The rod body is formed in one step using a large CNC bending machine and uses automatic shrinking;

3. The welding machine automatically welds, and the entire pole is executed in accordance with relevant planning specifications;

4. The main rod and the bottom flange are double-sided welded and the reinforcement is welded externally;

5. The entire surface of the octagonal traffic signal pole cross arm is sprayed or painted;

6. The surface of the rod body is all hot-dip galvanized, high-temperature painted, and electrostatically sprayed. The thickness is not less than 86mm;

7. The planned wind resistance is 38 meters/S and the earthquake resistance is level 10;

8. The space between the box and the main pole is specially designed so that no lead wires can be seen, and there are anti-seepage measures to effectively ensure the safety of the cable;

9. The wiring door is fixed with built-in M6 hexagonal bolts to prevent theft;

10. Various colors can be customized in large quantities;

11. The octagonal traffic signal pole is assembled on-site using multiple standard components to facilitate manufacturing, transportation, and installation;

12. Suitable for monitoring places such as roads, bridges, communities, docks, factories, etc.;

13. Cabinets of various can be customized according to customer specifications, including drawings, samples, and structural modifications;

14. Serving network video surveillance projects, municipal road projects, safe city construction projects, etc. in communities and public places.

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Post time: Mar-20-2024